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the ups and downs of life

I attended Vanguard University of Southern California to receive a Bachelor's in Arts in Communication. I was part of the Cinema Arts track and had an emphasis on Video Production. Outside of regular classroom work, I often was seen running around campus with a camera and looking to hone my craft. I directed and produced my first ever short film, Alice, in 2014. It wasn't for a class but solely because I wrote a script my friends and I loved and were eager to film and register it for film festivals. Though it never won any awards, its existence was a demonstration of what my creativity and determination could do. I spent four years working closely with The Crossing Church in Costa Mesa California and created a fast-paced editing and filming style that has allowed me to never question what I am capable of. However, in those few years out of college, I was confronted with the rough world of independent video contracting. I found all the effort I put in was never compensated to a livable wage, and my willingness to be in the L.A. film scene was non-existent. At one point, I left California and moved back to my home state of Colorado. There I worked on my art, took small editing jobs, and started work as a barista. After some time I moved to Texas and eventually did some other film work, and photography jobs. Eventually, I took up another barista job and then built a small clientele where I assist local businesses with their social media, websites, and graphic design. Right now I am searching for what gives me fulfillment, an ever-changing challenge, and helps me see the beauty in the mundane.


Sammi Lee Davis


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Multimedia Specialist

October 2021 - Present

As a multimedia specialist, I pride myself on assisting people and their businesses in building an online presence. This comes in the form of running social media, photography, website design, graphic design, photo-editing, and video when necessary.

*Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Meta Business Suite, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Etsy, Content Creation, Weebly, and Wix


January 2014 - June 2019

As a videographer/editing contractor, I assisted multiple businesses, creatives, and churches in developing and executing videos for promotion. This included writing a script, filming, lighting, audio recording, directing, and editing a video project. On top of the creative element of the job, I communicated effectively with clients and could problem-solve fast, effectively, and openly.

*Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Production, Post-Production, Divinci Resolve, Filmmaking, Camera Operating, Lighting, Boom Operating, Directing, and Clip Organization


October 2019 - August 2022

I started my coffee career at a Target Starbucks in Montrose Colorado in October of 2019 for 10 months. When I moved to Texas I started working as a barista for Brown Bag Roasters in Canadian Texas, which is a shop and a small-batch roaster. I always had a deep love of coffee and enjoy serving others. Not only have I learned to make excellent coffee, but I also value the art of it and the complexities of different coffee styles. Being a barista is something I love because it taught me lessons on respect, patience, and staying calm under pressure.

*Customer Service, Cash Handling, and Coffee Expert

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