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Don't help them 'vote'

Yes. I got hacked.

Recently Instagram has been having quite a few of these idiots doing this. I was the poor sap who got prayed on. I'm a gullible and trusting person and the account that got me was from a person who I met in real life. I imagine they also got hacked, were not aware or didn't care to report the issue, and they used that account to get me.

Here is what happened.

They messaged me through Instagram saying they needed help getting 'votes' for some contest. In order for me to successfully help them I needed to give them my cell number associated with the account. I am pretty untrusting of Facebook/Instagram having that kind of information to begin with, which I communicated. They informed me to just set a certain email as my profile email and they will use it to send the code they need.


Why? Cause I was thinking 'Oh, it's just my friend, I don't care.'

Right after I did that I got locked out. No back-up. I had my last email that was still receiving information, but not for long until this jerk changed that too. They proceeded to let me know 'I will help you log in' and 'I am busy so it will take a while' and my gullible self thought;

'Maybe it is my friend Daniel? He does live in another country.'

Then, after a while, it became so apparent this was not my friend but a hacker. I confronted them and they told me I could get the code and my account back if I deposit $200.

I said 'No' and informed them to take the account. I didn't care about my content. I didn't care about the followers. I didn't care about all the years of work I put into it. I was NOT going to negotiate with a terrorist.

Which started the war of reporting. I tried to get Instagram to help, but their solution to hacking issues is reprimanding you for not using their amazing two-authentication process. They have a half-baked plan to help you and a vague possible hope they will contact you and help you get your account back. Can you find an email to help you? A number to call? Absolutely not. Why pay a whole team to deal with hacking issues if Instagram can save money by dumping you back to the same article over, and over and over again?

So here we are. Still reporting and asking friends to report my account. I have even filed it as a cyber crime, because they are using my identity to hurt other people and are black-mailing me. These are serious crimes even if it's an Instagram account. This shouldn't be taken lightly. People with a lot more to lose than my 580-ish followers and some old pictures I never deleted.

I am sad to lost my account, and there is very little hope to get it back. However, I see there is a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Maybe I can make others aware before it's too late for them.

Remember. Don't negotiate with terrorists.

The account is samm._ilee._davis._ and please report it as they are 'impersonating someone you know'.

If you would like to follow my new account it is @sammi_lee_davis and it is private. You can also click the Instagram link in the header.

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