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Thoughts on AI... should we be scared?

No. That is my answer. No.

I’m not advocating for AI (artificial intelligence) mostly because it's a sophisticated humanity plagiarizing machine. Its whole function is to provide human excellence at the pace of a machine. It needs examples of humanity in order to work. How do the programers do that? They give art, music, books, poems and even fanfiction from across the internet to do it. I don’t think any of those programers ASKED the mentioned artists above if they could use their art as blueprint for making their AI machine create its ‘own’ artwork.

That is a ton of artists that, yes, some put their content online for free to satisfy the content consumption of humans. However, AI who uses these artists work as a blueprint for replicating similar content and when doing so and it gets money for their programers. Most of those artists put their stuff out there with no intent of getting paid, but instead for exposure to one day make money. Yet, this machine’s parents can get the money? That is plagiarizing and if you look at the current art AI pops out a lot of it you can find the artist’s work they used to replicate a similar picture. It’s almost identical in some situations.

After that rant you may be wondering… why do I think we shouldn’t be scared of it?

The human soul is impossible to replicate. Though we as a species has reduced ourselves to content consuming gluttons, I believe we can still tell what has soul and what doesn’t. It only takes a few years with this AI and we as a species will not think that content is worth anything anymore. It will be just a tool for humanity, and nothing more.

Think of records and record players. That was a lost form of music medium for 20+ years. Now? Many people buy records and have record players at home, me included. The reason? Because listening to music through a stereo and an iphone has lost its luster. We want a more authentic music experience. I believe the same thing will happen for consumption of art, video and social media content.

Soon enough in a few years the desire will be for certified human-made art and innovation. The luxury will be human created pieces. Will AI still produce a good chunk of our media and content? Likely. It will be a big part of businesses and there will be a struggle for employees as companies attempt to be run mostly by AI. Eventually, that will be seen as ‘lazy’ and not ‘authentic’ and I am sure we will see future influencers promoting companies that do use real people for creating product.

Though I am not positive on this, but from what I have observed? I have seen the rebellion of humanity toward modified anything skyrocket. People now want real food. Real people. Real artistry. Real products. They want natural and what the soul can feed off of.

If you are worried still, let me put your mind at ease with a simple method.

Post your stuff.

Don’t worry about look, and don’t worry about AI trying to use it against you. Choosing to live in fear of AI won’t make it go away and probably will hurt you and your business along the way. We need to just wade out this AI phenomenon until it destroys itself through its inorganic metric system. In the meantime?

Learn to use its content building mechanisms. Learn how to optimize AI, and become an expert in its functions. Try to find ways to make yourself more attractive than a machine. That means talking on camera. Posting random pictures of your day. Doing fun videos that excite you! Keep putting yourself out there because humanity would rather watch your life filled with spirit than a manufactured one by AI.

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