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Something about taking a social media break

The inspiration for this blog was after seeing a Tik Tok about one of my favorite creators (for social media across the board) seems to have excused themselves from Tik Tok. She didn’t delete her account, but her absence? It speaks volumes.

Eylse Myers was one of the first Tik Tokers to take fame rapidly in 2020. She had relatable content especially concerning mental health. She many times post about her low points and celebrate the highs. If you haven’t watched her, it is your loss. She has been a great help with people across Tik Tok finding strength in completing the simplest tasks; like showering or brushing your teeth. If you ever have dealt with mental illness, especially with depression, this is hard task to do when you are surrounded with the emotions of inadequacy.

Why did this delightful human have to completely shut off her Tik Tok? Because everyone is bullying her so bad about what political stance she has it was… well eating at her mental stability. Which honestly I have been there. I still get some notifications about a comment I made on SOMEONE ELSES’ video and I get a knot in my stomach. The things I was called and accused of with that comment alone made me want to delete the app.

Let me establish. At NO TIME has Elyse stated something, at least from what I have seen, a overtly strong politically driven video or post. She has thoughts, I am sure, and sometimes those come across when she talks in her videos. I will say I have not always agreed with everything Eylse has said. That doesn’t mean I need to post comments and emoji’s with accusatory slander when she HAS SEEMINGLY NEVER ESTABLISHED A POLITICAL OR SOCIALLY DIVISIVE STANCE.

This is where the pain and trauma of social media takes root. These people on the internet want her to comment about things she doesn’t want to. Instead of respecting her boundary, people push. They feel like because they can hide behind a profile name they are invincible. That somehow their words and opinions MUST be heard and they can bully cause no one will know. They are among the thousands. Maybe they feel like this is how change will be brought about?

No. Instead of making their own divisive content and putting their own neck on the line they have to pressure a person who wants no part of it.

Whatever aisle you straddle in these debates, I don’t care right now. There is one thing I believe. You leave people alone who want to be left alone on certain topics. The world is crazy and I would prefer if more influencers, celebrities, and companies leave their politics out of the content and product. If I want to know that information I will go to the right people and resources who publicly voice their opinion and make their career out of debating topics.

Here is where I give my two-cents on what to do if you find yourself in this kind of predicament. Take a break. Stop posting even if it’s for your business.

You will be able to get back up. People will forgive you and if they don’t that is their problem and not yours. Our lives should not be spent on our phones and in social media at all hours of the day. The best moments are captured without a camera or filter. Be present and enjoy life without recording it.

If Eylse never comes back to Tik Tok I would not be mad. I love her content, but if everyone was so aggressive, I think they don’t deserve her. She is better off enjoying her family and giving herself time to heal from the social media clowns that comment all the time.

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